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Definition of Nini

The term “nini ” is used in many Spanish-speaking countries to refer to a person, generally young, who neither studies nor works. It is an expression that can be considered offensive or derogatory.

The RAE does not have records regarding this term, however, it is being studied to consider adding it. Until now, it is said that the RAE is calling its connotation as: young man who after finishing his basic education, does not take new studies or work.

The term nini , is formed as a result of the conjugation ” ni ” that is used for negation.

Example: ” I don’t want to see you today or ever.”

It is an expression that can be used as a noun (ninis) or an adjective (boys ninis). It is used in a derogatory way, pointing out lazy young people who do not perform productive tasks and have a lot of leisure time.

Nini and its equivalent to English

The word “nini” is equivalent to the acronym ” NEET ” in English that represents the phrase “Not in employment, education or training” being equal to: ” neither works, nor studies, nor receives training “.

Artists named Nini

Niní Cáffaro is artistically known a Dominican singer and financial manager.

Niní Marshall was an Argentine actress, screenwriter and comedian

Nini from Tekashi 6ix9ine

Nini is one of the new songs by the American rapper Tekashi69 , which he performs with Leftside and has a duration of 2: 18sec.

It is track number 7 and belongs to their second studio album ” Tattle tales “; which was released on September 4, 2020.

Hey, mommy (mommy)

love how you ah wine and ah back it up for me (for me)

I love how you came and ah you keep it for me

we aint got no [?] i run from it (nuh)

we do not have? I run away from it

m and ah beg yuh please, beg yuh please dont stop it

my ah I beg you please, I beg you please don’t stop

m y ready fi pick it up whenever yuh drop it (drop it)

I’m ready to pick it up when you drop it (drop that) ?

The above is part of the chorus of ” Nini” whose lyrics, among other things, refer to the attraction that a man generally feels towards a woman, towards her body and the way in which she moves when dancing. So much so, that they even suppose that the girl comes from another planet.