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Definition of Nibiru

You will surely wonder what Nibiru means , a mystical word that has been widely used throughout history and that now  will tell you its meaning.

The origins of the word Nibiru date from the ancient Babylonian mythology, being its meaning “place of Transition”. According to a wide variety of ancient Babylonian texts, the figure of Nibiru appeared as a way to name the Planet Jupiter by Babylonian astronomers. Other sources place the Pole Star as the true origin to which the word Nibiru alludes.

In Mexico, the Astronomical Society of the Faculty of Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico is called Nibiru.

In popular culture, Nibiru has been identified as the Urban legend about the existence of an extra planet in our solar system which cannot be observed with the naked eye; keeping the eyes of men hidden and remaining as a myth.

Nibiru planet

Nibiru hints at a planet beyond Pluto that exists but is invisible. In this way, modern society has related Nibiru as a hypothetical “Planet X” or “Tenth Planet”, making thousands of people across the globe debate the veracity of their existence.

Nibiru is closely related to the mystical and esoteric, being the focal point of countless legends and theories about its existence and how it influences the stars of our solar system.

Knowing this we could give a modern definition to Nibiru as a direct reference to that mystical thing that is in front of our eyes but cannot be seen.

As a consequence, the Name of Nibiru has been present in a variety of artistic works.

Some of the works that refer to Nibiru are:

  • Nibiru: the messenger of the gods – (Video Game)
  • The key of Leo- (Ricardo Vega’s novel)
  • Nibiru: (Album of singer Ozuna)
  • Nibiru: (Song by singer Ozuna)