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Definition of Fucam

The acronym Fucam refers to a non-profit organization aimed at combating a terrible disease that affects the female population of Mexico . If you wonder what the meaning of Fucam is, then we will show you. Shall we start?

The Fucam, or Breast Cancer Foundation , is a Mexican non-profit foundation that seeks to provide support to patients diagnosed with this disease. Due to the nature of this foundation, its main focus is low-income women who cannot afford treatment.

Another aid that provides this foundation is the prevention service through various tests such as mammography.

As such, this institution provides a complete follow-up of this disease that includes, The Diagnosis, treatment and Follow-up of breast cancer.

It should be noted that breast cancer is one of the deadliest diseases affecting the female population worldwide.

Given the fatality of this disease, efforts have been made internationally to raise awareness that prevention, rapid detection can save a life.

As information of interest, in February 2020 the Mexican government reported the stoppage of its subsidy to this non-profit foundation.

This latest government maneuver caused several protesters to appear in front of the national palace to protest.

These protesters symbolically closed the door of the national palace in protest and demand for medicines