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Definition of Sitofilia

Food-related fetishism in which sexual arousal is achieved by eating on another person’s body. On some occasions it is practiced directly on the skin or with the body wrapped in plastic for greater hygiene.

By extension, it is used to determine the preference to use food in the midst of sexual acts as part of the intimate game.


The word sitofilia comes from the Greek terms sito which is “food” and filia which is “quality of loving”. In short, this term designates the fact of having sexual arousal with the use of food. That is, it designates the use of food in an erotic way.

This practice is widely used in Japan and has become part of the practices of some European countries, the United States and is even practiced in Latin countries such as Argentina. However, other countries reject it directly, such as China.


In Japan the sitofilia of eating on the human body is known as nyotaimori when it comes to eating on a woman’s body. On the other hand, when it is done on the body of a man it is called nantaimori.