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Definition of Monotonía

Monotonía (Monotony in English) is a term that refers to the permanence of things without alteration.

In the urban and slang sense, Monotonía refers to a state of boredom and repetitive cycles that find no end or purpose. It also means a couple that is tired of being with the same person or simply doing the same things day after day.






Emotional stagnation.


ORIGIN OF Monotonía

The word monotony comes from a Greek term that joins two words, “mono” that refers to single, unique, same thing and “tones”, word that denotes rhythm, musical tone, that is to say, when joining both meanings we refer to the same tone, lack of variety. In turn, this word is associated with nuances, equality and union of characters or situations.

In the urban sense, it means that actions are repetitive, creating a cycle that only generates anxiety in the person who lives it. Monotony is also the title of a song by Shakira where she explains that a love relationship ends for this reason.


The term has become more than famous for being the title of a song by the singer Shakira, who composed it after leaving a love relationship with the soccer player Piqué.

Shakira, moreover, refers that, despite the rumors, their relationship ended because of monotony and that it was nobody’s fault. Now, as this song has gone viral, popular jargon uses the term to refer to any activity of daily life such as work, which creates monotony, or the routine at home, among others.

The video of the song was recorded in a Manresa, a province of Barcelona in Spain, which is popularly known as the place where there are more infidels in that country.