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Bacha bazi

Definition of Bacha bazi

Bacha bazi is a term that refers to an old Iranian tradition but has transcended throughout the world. This word denotes a game with children, being with children or knowing children.

In the urban genre, it has become popular a dance that bears this name where underage children dance to adult men in a sensual and provocative way.



Sexual abuse.


Dance of minors.

Children’s dance.

Little dancers.


Child trafficking.


ORIGIN OF Bacha bazi

The term bacha bazi comes from an Iranian word and also from an Afghan term that refers to adult men seeing and abusing boys and young men, who are known as child dancers.

The practice has been tried to be abolished by the authorities, however, being very powerful and armed men, it is rare for authority to be exercised.

It is a practice that indicates power and dominance among men of this social class. Males before puberty form the largest group that is sold for dances and various activities where pedophilia also lends itself.


In the bacha bazi, the dancing boys are known as baches, who wear a particular dress, similar to that of a woman and are trained from an early age to perform certain dances, which can be provocative and of a different sense to the cultural one.

They usually perform before a large group of powerful men in secret, and these dances were forbidden in public.

Most of the children who enter this world are of humble parents who usually sell them as payment to be able to feed themselves and thus ensure that they live in their adolescence.they are often captured children or orphans.