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Definition of Mola

Sometimes we come across terms that don’t sound very familiar, but when we study them we realize they have a lot of history to tell. What is Mola? That’s the question we’re going to answer.

“Mola” comes from the caló, the language spoken by the gypsies. Popularized in the late 1970s, this word is used to refer to something worth or can be exploited. It has now been given more meanings. Get to know them now!

Mola connotations

Mola according to the SAR is a toasted flour that the Gentiles used in their sacrifices. In medicine it is an amorphous mass that lodges in the womb and causes the appearance of pregnancy. For Colombia and Panama it is a textile art of various colors made by the indigenous. In Spain it is an expression of colloquial use that means “like, be nice or great”.

In the kuna language (dulegaya / ethnicities of Paraguay and Colombia), it means “clothing” or “blouse“.

Spanish Slang

It is popularly used and has expanded throughout Spain, being much broader in the vocabulary of the Chavales (young). Let’s look at an example:

  • “Me mola the electronic music”, that is, “I love electronic music.”
  • It can be accompanied by other words typical of Spanish jargon when you want to emphasize something that you like very much. For example: “The house mola mazo” i.e. “The house is very nice”. This isn’t all, there’s more!

Mola Music

  • Camilo Sesto recorded the song “Mola mazo” in 2002.
  • Joseph Carret Urquiola, better known as “Mola” is a Cuban singer of salsa and urban music.
  • M.O.L.A (Make our life awesome) is a South Korean pop group.

You should also know what…

“Mola Mola” is the scientific name of the moonfish. This is the largest bonefish in the world, on average it weighs one ton (1000 KG) but can weigh up to two, even exceeding three meters in length. It lives in tropical and temperate waters along the planet.

Knowing the meaning of the different terms that make you curious you mola?, we mola much more being able to help you.