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Definition of Miércoles

Miércoles (Wednesday) is the third day of the civil week (Gregorian calendar and ISO 8601) and the fourth day of the liturgical week. However, elsewhere it is a euphemism, an exclamatory expression denoting anger, indignation, annoyance or surprise.


  1. Day
  2. Third day of the week
  3. Fourth day of the week
  4. How could that be possible?
  5. Why did that happen?
  6. What happened!

ORIGIN OF Miércoles

Miércoles comes from the Latin Mercurii ten or “day of Mercury”. It should be noted that its ending in “es” is explained by the contagion of Tuesday, Thursday, Friday that come from Martis, lovis and Veneris respective genitives of Mars (Mars), luppiter (Jupiter) and Venus (Venus).

Since the 13th century there are still some records in the CORDE with the form miercores. The change to miércoles is explained by a phenomenon of dissimulation between R and L, very frequent in the passage from Latin to Spanish, such as árbol (tree) and mármol (marble), among others.

Also in Latin we see the change of the suffix alis to aris when the nucleus of the word already had an L in cases such as, for example, lunaris and militaris (luna and milite) and many others.


Miércoles in English is Wednesday and as a curious fact, it is worth noting that this is the English name of the Netflix series of the daughter of the “Adams Family”. In Spanish it is Merlina and is played by actress Jenna Ortega.

It has been a success and considered one of the best series of all of 2022, competing with HBO’s “The House of Dragon” and Amazon Prime’s “The Rings of Power”.

It is a series of horror, suspense, but, above all, comedy, characteristic of this family known to all. Because of its ending, it is considered that it will have another season that many are waiting for.