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Definition of Betonrausch

Betonrausch is the title of a new original German netflix film. Based on real events, this will be released on April 17, 2020 on the Netflix virtual platform.

Betonrausch is a proper word of the German, its translation into Spanish is concrete noise, although the Spanish dubbing of the film is titled as The brick fever.

Betonrausch is a film that belongs to the genre comedy of a duration of 94 minutes. The plot of this film tells the boldness of a young man who wants to be a millionaire and decides to join a criminal to make money from the real estate business.

The main actors are Emily Goss, David Kross and Frederick Lau, who will play 3 real estate agents, who will be scam artists looking to make their fortune easy and fast and will be involved in criminal matters such as crimes and drugs.


The brick fever is linked to the construction of projects in a rampant way with the aim of getting money through them, a need that arose after long years of crisis in Spain, this led to an excess of infrastructure in urban areas affecting the environment of these areas.