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Definition of Desde

Preposition used to denote the point from which something starts, it can refer to time or place. For example: Desde que fue mi nacimiento no había visto tal cosa. (Since my birth I had not seen such a thing).

Particle used to prelude a particular perspective or focus. In other words, an example would be: From Socrates’ perspective we are all souls.

With verbs conjugated in the future or in the past, it can be synonymous with after, for example: La película se puso interesante desde que mataron al que creíamos que era el protagonista. (The movie got interesting since they killed the one we thought was the main character).


  1. From
  2. According
  3. After


The preposition “desde” comes from Latin and has been related to three words, namely, de, ex, de. In short, it is a contraction of the previous Latin prepositions that was adopted by the old Castilian and continued by the current Spanish language.

The preposition “desde” can appear in sentences linked with other prepositions of place such as to and to. In this case, it would even be the contrary particle that would denote the spatial or temporal term that it had started from.


“Desde Morro” is a song by urban artist Justin Morales. This theme was launched on the different platforms on November 27, 2020.

In 2009 a film was released originally called The Lovely Bones and for Latin America “Desde mi cielo”. This production deals with themes about death and is based on the homonymous book by Alice Sebold.