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Definition of NHL

They are the acronym for the National Hockey League in English, which translated into Spanish is the National Hockey League.

It refers specifically to the Hockey league made up of teams from Canada and the United States.


The NHL was founded on November 26, 1917 in Montreal (Canada) with four teams from a previous championship in 1909, the National Hockey Association. It is necessary to clarify that at the beginning all the clubs were Canadian, but in 1924 it expanded to the United States.

The Professional Hockey League ( NHL ) is a sports competition played between two teams of six players with skates on an ice rink. However, there are some variations of the sport that are practiced in fields other than ice.


The NHL has 32 participating teams from both countries and divided into two Conferences, each conference is made up of 16 teams.

Of the 32 teams that make up the competitions in the NHL only 7 of them are from Canada, all the others are from the United States.

The NHL is one of the four major sports leagues in the United States along with the NBA (basketball), NFL (American football) and the MLB (baseball).

NHL is the name given to a series of video games that are developed by the company EA Canada. All of them are based on Hockey and are fully authorized to wear league logos and badges.