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Definition of Alborotadora

Alborotadora is a feminine adjective. It refers to the verb to upset and refers to a person who creates noise, confusion, embarrassment or annoyance.

It is a word that has been accepted by the RAE and is often used in a derogatory way or in the form of a claim or demand.

Let’s look at some examples of troublemaker:

“That woman became a troublemaker as soon as she arrived at the meeting”

“The rowdy neighbor kept pestering them over the weekend.”

The idea of ​​troublemaker, troublemaker or troublemaker, is always linked to the individuals who cause discomfort to those around them.

Surely you have heard someone complain about a restaurant, shopping center or any other place, because of the great uproar that is constantly generated.

Popular and crowded places are often the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of fuss. The bars usually have to deal with troublemakers constantly. It is even necessary that they leave the place for having disturbed the rest of the people excessively.

Alborotadora in literary culture

We must recognize that not everything is bad. Rioters and rioters have given rise to very interesting literary constructions such as “Riot on the Farm”, a very entertaining and effective children’s literary story to stimulate children with images of farm animals living fantasy and funny stories. It is a story that encourages companionship, teamwork and group values ​​in the little ones.

But not everything remains in children’s stories, but “Alboroto en el guayabal” written by Kiran Desai.

In this novel, we find the life of a boy who is quite disinterested in his studies, without much interest in the important issues of life and with a slightly worrying discouragement, he changes his life from one moment to another after a slight change in his routine.

All this changes when one day he climbs a tree and finds himself looking at the lives of his neighbors in a very different way. Find perspectives, inspirations and conflicts that reveal characteristic features of human life.

From this moment on, this young man without much interest in anything, ends up becoming an urban sage whom everyone consults about his conflicts. After all, that tall Guayabal became this boy’s source of inspiration.

Fuss in the kitchen

According to the RAE, uproar also refers to the explosions of corn in the form of popcorn, popcorn, popcorn, popcorn, popcorn, among others.

In this case the ” riots ” are used to refer to the corn exploited that is sweetened with sugar or honey.

Musical Alborotadora

Alternative, rebellious and contradictory musical groups have always existed. Going against the system is the great effort of many, so it is not difficult to imagine that more than one musical group choose an irreverent name for their band.

Speaking of irreverent bands, “ Alboroto ” is the name of musical group in Seville that mixes classic flamenco rhythms and covers classic flamenco, rumba and traditional Iberian-Spanish music.