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Meter cabra

Definition of Meter cabra

Meter cabra is an expression used to say that someone scares, generates fear or puts fear.

It can also be used in reference to a liar, for example someone who cheats or cheats at poker.

SYNONYMS FOR Meter cabra

  1. To scare, frighten, frighten.
  2. Liar
  3. To cheat

ORIGIN OF Meter cabra

Meter cabra is an expression frequently used in the Caribbean, for example in countries such as Puerto Rico and Panama, where it means to scare or to scare.

The word goat, which is generally used to refer to the animal with arched horns, is characterized by its agility and ability to jump to climb mountains.

Therefore, to put the goats in the corral, is an expression frequently used to say that they are scared and frightened, as would the shepherd who guards them, and that if he has found them he will scare them to put them in the corral.

In reggaeton slang the term slipped into the lexicon to designate the action of putting fear or wanting to scare someone.


The urban music singer Bad Bunny published a song that young people are currently repeating, this is a song released in July 2020, called “Tú no metes cabra”.

The authorship of this song belongs to another representative of this genre much better known and of course respected: Hector “El father”. He sold the rights to the prince of trap to use the lyrics in his new version of the song.

The song repeats the phrase: “tu no metes cabras, saramambiche”. The meaning if we translate the lyrics to “spanglish” would be: “tu no metes miedo, son of a bitch” and completely to Spanish it would mean “tu no metes miedo hijo de perra”.