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Definition of Atm

Acronym from the English phrase at the moment and translated into Spanish as “en el momento” or “en este momento”. It is used in social networks and chats generally. For example: I am watching Lucifer atm.


Abbreviation of the English phrase automated teller machine, which in Spanish is known as “automatic teller machine”. In other words, the device or machine that allows you to withdraw money from a bank account.

In medicine it refers to the “temporomandibular joint” which is the bone that acts as a hinge for the jaw with the head, specifically, on its lateral part.


Atm is the abbreviation used in social networks for the phrase in English at the momen, that is, “at the moment”. In other words, it is an expression used to denote something that is being done or wanted at that very moment. The intention of its use is to summarize the sentences to speed up the communication process.


The acronym ATM in a sharp capital letter refers to automated teller machine, that is, “ATM”. Specifically, it refers to the machine that people use to withdraw money from their bank accounts. However, some of them also allow the deposit of money.


ATM is the acronym by which the Spanish soccer team “Atletico de Madrid” is known. This is one of the longest running teams in Spain, so much so that it was founded in 1903.