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Definition of Mahón

In urban slang, it is used to designate when a girl is wearing tight jeans.

Mahón is also the name given to cow’s cheese of which there are two varieties: fresh or cured.

It is also a fresh, strong, high quality cotton fabric that originates from China.


  1. Wearing very tight jeans.
  2. Cow’s cheese
  3. Strong and fresh fabric


Mahon is the name given to cow’s cheese of which there are two different kinds, the fresh cheese, made of a soft, white and creamy paste, with a mild flavor and the cured Mahon cheese, made of a hard paste, a little darker and with a rather strong flavor.

In both cases it is spread with olive oil and is given a very characteristic square shape and comes from the city that gives it its name.

Mahón also refers to a Spanish city and municipality located in the east of the island of Menorca, an autonomous community of the Balearic Islands.

It is located the easternmost point in Spain, has a natural harbor that has served for multiple conquests of the island by various peoples, in addition to commercial incursions and invasion of Greeks and Turks, since it has six kilometers long, and being attached to its location in the western Mediterranean, it is perfect for the incursion of conquerors.


In Puerto Rico, jeans are called “mahones”. This term comes from the thick and coarse fabric woven by some native tribes of the United States, which they called “mahon”. This is how the term “mahon” was adopted in the seventeen hundred years, for what today and in other countries is known as jeans or denim pants.

The famous mayonnaise sauce or mayonnaise, could have its origin in the city of the same name located on the island of Menorca.