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Definition of Listo

The word clever is an adjective that refers to many other characteristics. Firstly, it refers to an intelligent and bold person.

Secondly, it refers to a person who is prepared and ready to go; thirdly, who can get out of trouble easily. It can also mean getting ready for a place, a person, “ready to start a relationship”.


  1. Clever
  2. Bold
  3. Able
  4. Active
  5. Unwrapped
  6. Quick
  7. Diligent
  8. Willing
  9. Ready
  10. Chord
  11. Yes


The origin of the word listo is still debated by many, however, it is believed that it may come from the Vulgar Latin lexitus, participle of the word legere which means to read and choose, so it is presumed that its use in the adjective of intelligence comes from this original.

In other words, its meaning also takes on a little more meaning. For example, in Colombia, Venezuela and other South American countries it refers to “yes”, that is, “I am ready” “Ready, I will do it”, among other expressions.

With only five letters, the word listo has been able to cross borders and to adapt to popular slang, making its meaning acquire other meanings beyond or its use can be employed in different cultures, being a word that is enhanced in each society or group of people.


It is a versatile word in terms of meaning and use, as the word listo can be used in broad ideas and also in many countries. Just as in Colombia it is used to affirm, also in others it is used to highlight a certain person who stands out for his or her abilities to solve conflicts or problems of a mathematical nature, even of logic or of life itself.