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Definition of Guaro

The word guaro refers to a Colombian alcoholic beverage such as aguardiente.

In other countries and localities such as Venezuela, the word guaro acquires gender and can be used in both masculine and feminine (guara) and refers to those people who were born in the southern and southeastern part of the state of Lara.


  1. Aguardiente.
  2. Person from Barquisimeto.
  3. Talkative.
  4. Talkative.
  5. Resolute.
  6. Courageous.
  7. Strong.
  8. Awe.


In principle, the term guaro is the name of a small and loquacious parrot-like bird that inhabited the areas of the state of Lara, closer to Barquisimeto. In other countries, however, it means an alcoholic beverage, the one who drinks guaro is the one who consumes alcohol.

Probably, in popular jargon, the use of this word has been extended by saying “guarada” to the flock of guaro birds that lived in that locality. In fact, guaro today also refers to an expression of quantity, astonishment or of a person who can achieve many things, strong, brave.


The word guaro has so many meanings that it depends on the sentence its connotation. A guara, in general, is a woman born in the state of Lara, specifically in the southeastern part of the state, but it also suggests that these women or men, depending on the case, are resolute, strong and with many physical abilities.

Guaro in Colombia, on the other hand, means a strong drink, with alcohol content, usually quite high and that resembles aguardiente for its aniseed flavor (with aniseed). It is a traditional drink in these countries and is usually transparent. As can be seen, the word guaro has many meanings and its use extends to the culture of many countries.