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Definition of KPI

The word KPI stands for “Key Performance Indicators”, which translates into English as “key performance indicators”. It refers to all the variables, factors and units of measurement considered to generate a marketing strategy.


  1. Indicator
  2. Variable
  3. Variable Factors
  4. Units


The exact origin of KPIs is unknown, but the fact of measuring performance is known, dating back to the third century when the emperors of the Wei dynasty (221-265 AD) scored all members of the official family.

The term refers to a series of metrics used to synthesize information on the efficiency and productivity of the actions carried out in a business, in order to make decisions and determine which have been most effective in meeting the goals set in a particular process.

Now, it is very important to know that KPIs are not only used in marketing, but are also implemented by different financial and commercial companies.

KPIs are even known as quality indicators or key indicators of a certain business and they can be used and applied in any business area and productive sector, although they are used much more commonly in online marketing.


Nowadays there is a multitude of specialized analysis tools that allow companies to measure all kinds of KPIs in any sector or activity and thus know a greater amount of objective data on what you want to quantify.

Customer satisfaction, number of sales achieved and turnover levels are examples of KPIs.