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Definition of Glope

It is an intransitive verb from English that refers to the action of observing with alarm. That is, be attentive to something, terrified of something or the like. 


Being glope is also synonymous with being amazed. This way of use is older and less used in the English language.


In urban contexts it is the Latin adaptation of the name of a series of firearms called glock. It is a term widely used in urban music.


Glope is an Anglo-Saxon term of Nordic origin. The word from which it comes would be glápa which means “to stare”. From this root, words from many languages ​​with similar meanings are distributed.

In other languages ​​you can find words like glupen, which in German means “look askance“. They also gluipen which is “sneak” in Dutch and all of these share the Nordic origin of glope.


In different urban genre songs the term glope can be found. The reason for its use responds to a Latin adaptation of the name of a series of firearms called glock.

In some songs the word glope can be found, while in others glopeta is used. The two terms are interchangeable and want to express the same thing.


The use of glope in music is influenced by the need to demonstrate power. From the perspective of songs, being successful must be accompanied by a lot of money, many women, having firearms, among others.

“Glope & Cheke” is a Colombian duo that performs urban music. In 2021 they released the single “Pegadito” which was well received by the young public in the city of Bogotá.