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Definition of Karen

Karen is a hashtag used to describe in American society the profile of the typical irritating woman who shouts and makes fuss over nonsense or without being right.


Irritating woman



Woman who has no reason


In social networks, we find that in several memes and jokes, the woman who is usually the protagonist is called Karen. It is a name that has long been used to refer to the typical nasty white woman who, although she is not right, demands to be right anyway. The name is already in itself a genre and its hashtag gathers many videos on a daily basis.

Apparently, the name Karen for this type of women arose in the United States after the decree of the coronavirus pandemic, as several middle-aged women, with white skin color and irritating attitude, decided that prevention measures were not for them and so they took advantage of the slightest occasion to shout, argue and raise a ruckus.

Others, on the other hand, believe that this name was chosen because it is widely used to name hurricanes, storms, cyclones and other natural disasters that leave destruction in their wake.

This has even reached the highest echelons of research. Thus, the professor of linguistics at Oxford University, Deborah Cameron has tried to find out why they call Karen to this type of women and has come to the conclusion that there must have been a first Karen and then the others are similar, in their hair color, skin and character.


Some say that the origin of the use of this name would be in the famous movie “Mean Girls”, where the character played by Amanda Seyfried was called Karen Smith and was very unsubtle when asking questions.