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Joyas Voladoras

Definition of Joyas Voladoras

(FLYING JEWELS) This phrase is applied to the different species of hummingbirds that exist on the planet. That is, it is a metaphor that refers to the beauty of these birds.

By extension it is applied to other birds that are of a beautiful color such as the Kingfisher and others.


The phrase “Joyas Voladoras” or “flying jewels” was originally applied to hummingbirds by Brian Doyle in an essay bearing this name. Said writing was released on June 12, 2012 and in it a deep reflection is made on different beings that inhabit planet earth.

Originally the essay was titled Flying Jewels, which translated into Spanish is “Joyas Voladoras”. Among other things, the essay uses different images of nature to portray human relationships, especially love.


It is said that the symbolism of the hummingbirds in Flying Jewels refers to Eros love , that is, to the initial time of relationships in which there is a passionate desire between couples.

One of the biggest reflections that the article makes is that passionate love is ephemeral and that people who only rely on it will be disappointed. On the contrary, the article talks about the whales that are the portrait of the Philos love that is what he builds over time.