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In Da Ghetto

Definition of In Da Ghetto

It is a phrase in Italian that translates into Spanish as “in the ghetto“. That is, it is a way of saying that you are in a marginalized place or inhabited by people of a particular social condition.

In ancient times he assigned with this phrase or with the simple ghetto to a place where a social group was secluded or separated. It was used especially to designate places where Jewish populations lived because of stigmatization.


The phrase in da ghetto comes from the English language. However, the word ghetto comes directly from Italian and it was created to designate a place where a Jewish settlement was created in the year 1516. These events happened specifically in Venice and from there the term took the meaning.

In urban language this term has been meant to determine those places where minorities or people discriminated against for various reasons live. Mainly, for those places where specific populations live such as Latinos, Afro, Chinese, among others.


“In da getto” is a song performed by the Colombian singer “J Balvin” and the American “Skrillex”. This song was released on July 2, 2021 as an independent single.

The Warsaw Ghetto is one of the most remembered places of the Second World War. There, Adolf Hitler imprisoned many Jews to later be sent to concentration camps or to death. Its significance lies in the fact that it was the largest Jewish ghetto at this time.