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Definition of Jiripoya

An abusive adjective that is used mainly in Spain to qualify a person as stupid or stupid. For example: Your boyfriend acted like a gyripoya at dinner.


  1. By origin and connotation this word is used in some contexts to refer to the penis or penis directly.


  1. Fool
  2. Stupid
  3. Moron
  4. Foolish


Jiripoya is a profanity commonly used in Spain instead of asshole and which refers to insult. Exactly, it is used to qualify a person as dumb or stupid. The origin of this word is linked to the Caló language, a language used by gypsies especially in Spain.

Jill in caló is silly, stupid or clumsy and a cock that in Spain is synonymous with a virile member. This is why, from the etymology of this word, a person can be interpreted as “dumb as a cock“. However, by its use it is simply interpreted as someone stupid or moronic.


On the YouTube platform you can find different videos related to the term jiripoya in which it is clearly denoted that it is someone considered a fool.

The word jiripoya can be found written in different ways, some of them are giripoya, giripolla, jiripolla or, the most used, gili#olla.