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Definition of Hostear

Allow another user or channel to stay on the host’s channel for a period of time.

Broadcast or re-broadcast the live broadcast of a channel on a different one.


  1. Embrace
  2. Harbor
  3. Accommodate
  4. Shelter
  5. Protect


  1. To block
  2. Evict
  3. Throw
  4. Desert


The word hostear comes from the English word host, which in the Spanish language means “host”. The whole word means to host. It refers to allowing another user or channel to “host” for a period of time on the host’s channel.

Hostear is an Anglicism that is used mainly on platforms that allow streaming, that is, the transmission of live videos. When one user “hosts” another, all viewers looking for the host’s channel will be redirected to the “hosted” person.


The action of Hostear has been popularized by platforms such as Twitch. This function has several applications, for example, it serves so that the consumers of a channel always have new things to watch. Also as a platform to publicize new users or channels and get more traffic for a channel.

To host someone on Twitch you just need to know how to use the commands. Thus, using the command “/ host” and then the name of the channel you want to host. To end the hosting, write the command “/ unhost”.

The term hosting is not for the exclusive use of streaming platforms. Also, it is possible to use it in different contexts. For example, in the radio host would be to give way to another announcer or program. The same is true for television, video conferencing, and even exhibitions.