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Definition of Hortera

The word  Tacky is commonly used to designate a person who dresses in a vulgar, extravagant and classy way; being considered uneducated, ordinary and with very bad taste.

Hortera, also refers to a ” bowl or wooden container ” used by the  young men (young workers in some stores and pharmacies in Madrid – Spain).

Formerly in the 19th century, Hortera was the word used to indicate people who had an independent job, a business.

These people wore clothes that were flashy, but disheveled and classless. Therefore, starting in 1970, they began to use this word to refer to a person without class.

Etymological origin of the word Hortera

The etymological origin of can be considered uncertain, since a sufficiently clear provenance is not handled.

However, it is possible that it arose from the word “ offertoria ” (paten or container in which the hosts of mass are placed).

Subsequently, it was transformed and passed through terms such as fortoria , f ortuera and fortera , until it reached what is known today as “ tacky ”.

Hortera Characteristics

The hortería, not only serves to classify with bad taste to dress, if not that they are called tacky , who commit a vulgarity, vulgarity.

Why go from classifying a merchant as tacky to classifying a simple person who is not dressed in fashion? This is simple, many independent merchants stopped being a simple kiosk on the street.

In the 21st century, there are so many businesses and so much technology that a considerable number of entrepreneurs run their businesses intelligently. This is noticeable from the administrative part to physically in the establishment where they are located.

Tacky: “From a container to a way of dressing”

There is an explanation for the definition of tacky as a wooden container, until it is considered a vulgar way of dressing.

From the seventeenth century, young shop assistants in Madrid pharmacies or haberdasheries were also called tacky.

These workers, also called young men, were from the lower class and earned a salary with which they could barely buy one or another clothing. This prevented them from standing out for their good taste when dressing and combining these garments.

The young men were identified for always using the so-called tacky in their workplaces, therefore, they were classified as such.

Use of the Horteras

There are two versions, the first is that these containers were used to transport their food to workstations.

The second is that the tacky were used to mix the different ingredients when preparing some medicine.

Hortera: new album by Varry Brava.

On the other hand, leaving bad taste behind, Varry Brava and his Murcian trio arrive on August 28 with their new album “Hortera”, with 10 songs with quite mixed rhythms.

This album is so varied that its style is composed of Latin and electronic characteristics in total balance.

In addition, with the first advances that the band gave us with the songs: “Loco” and “Luces de Neón” we realize that Varry Brava will take us back to its beginnings.

If we compare the word Hortera with the album by this great artist and his Murcian trio, we realize that the air it transmits is not vulgar or out of fashion.

On the contrary, the style transmitted from his early musical advances, makes us understand that there is simply a conjugation of rhythms, stages and colors.

Even the explanation given by the band of their fourth preview of the album, the song “My best moment” << It is probably the most casual and tacky song on the album, we love it >>.