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Definition of Mindfulness

Translated from English it means “conscience” or “mindfulness”. In other words, it refers to the action of paying attention to emotions, sensations and everything that happens in our environment without making any judgment.

In Buddhism it is used to define a concept called sati which is “memory of the present“. That is, it is one of the oldest meditation techniques that comes from India.


Mindfulness is a word from English that means “conscience” or “full awareness” in Spanish. In addition, it is a word that was not in use for some time and that only denoted an old synonym of the term attention or “attention”.

This term has been adopted by the Buddhist religion to define a very effective practice in treating psychological illnesses. Among them, stress, anxiety, among many others. It is one of the most widespread practices today.


Although it is practiced in Buddhism, mindfulness is not related to any religious practice. For this reason, it is possible that people with diverse ideologies can experience it.

People who have the habit of mindfulness experience physical well-being, good mental health, freedom from tension and build a shield against psychosomatic illnesses.