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Hail Bird

Definition of Hail Bird

Perhaps you are wondering where this interesting word comes from, one that in recent years has become very popular thanks to the image of the Pokemon “Pidgeot”; thus achieving that this expression has become viral in some internet communities. Next, in we will show you the meaning of Hail Bird.

Hail Bird is an expression born in the English language and its literal translation is “Reverence to the Bird” or “Long live the bird”, but its real meaning is much more complex and fun than it may seem at first glance.


Hail Bird or ” Hail Bird Jesus ” as this expression is popularly known on the Internet; born of a curious event in 2004 called “Twitch plays Pokémon” or in Spanish “Twitch plays Pokémon”, where a large number of users of the Twitch platform played a game of the game, “Pokémon Red” simultaneously.

During that event, which lasted for several months of 2014, a particular Pokémon rose to fame, nothing less than a Pidgeot.

Pidgeot is a bird type Pokémon which after great feats was baptized by the community as Bird Jesus, hinting that this Pokémon was a kind of messiah.

The Bird Jesus movement which is a type of religious cult in the form of parody of the Pokémon Pidgeot quickly became very popular in the networks.

Now you know what Hail Bird means.