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Definition of Goofy

Goofy is an adjective derived from the English word for fool.

It is also a cartoon character (known as Tribilín in Spanish) created by Walt Disney.

Goofy is used in urban or informal slang to designate a fool or to appear to be a fool in the way of behaving, lack of sophistication and bad taste in the way of dressing and in musical taste.


  1. Dumb
  2. Dumb-headed


Goofy is a fictional character from the Walt Disney cartoons. He is one of the best friends of the famous Mickey Mouse and father of Maximilian “Max” Goof, unlike the other characters (such as Mickey or Donald…) who usually only have nephews.

The first time this character appeared was on May 25, 1932 in Mickey Revue. At that time, the shorts of Mickey and his animated gang only performed songs and dance numbers, which was almost routine.
But what would give that animation its distinctive character would be the debut of this new character, whose acting would work to make jokes and provoke laughter by being a bit silly.

Perhaps for this reason it is used in various informal expressions such as “goofy”, which is frequently used to refer to being “silly or giddy”.


The animated short where Goofy, the cartoon character, first appeared was directed by Wilfred Jackson and shows Goofy, the horse Horatio and the cow Clarabella -called Margarita in some Spanish-speaking places- singing and performing a dance show.

Those who usually practice board sports are classified in two classes according to the foot they put in front: Regular and Goofy. The regular position is the one in which the left foot goes in front.