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Toosie Slide

Definition of Toosie Slide

This phrase represents a popular musical theme in networks. It literally means Desplazamiento de Toosie” or “Toosie’s Dance”.

The English translation of these two words can also be understood as “Toosie slide“.


Toosie Slide is a phrase that was born in 2020 thanks to a song by rapper Drake and the bale performed by Toosie, a famous dancer from Atlanta. The latter, shared a choreography of the song mainly on Tik Tok and this became a viral movement.

The song and its dance was a boom in social networks and, for this reason, people associate the phrase directly with this topic. In short, there is no other possible meaning at the moment.


Toosie Slide is the title of a song by Canadian rapper Drake released on April 3, 2020.

Toosie is the name of a dancer and influencer from Atlanta who created the dance for this song.

At the end of March 2020, the dancer Toosie appeared on TikTok dancing to the background music and this went viral as a dance challenge on said social network.

Many have interpreted the song as a call to dance, and the same author mentions that when he created the song he was referring to Moonwalk ( Michael Jackson ).