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Definition of 7u7

Emoticon used to add humor and expressiveness to images and conversations, it can be found in casual conversations, chat rooms, forums and more.

In a sad conversation you can use 7u7 to talk about a feeling of sadness or desolation, along with phrases such as: Another weekend without going out 7u7.


The “7u7” is also used with a sexual meaning, which varies in intensity according to the intention of the person who is expressing himself. For example: “Give me a kiss 7u7” or “Let’s go to bed 7u7“.


7u7 and similar expressions are born because users of various social networks seek to develop language and express their feelings in different ways, and one of the ways to do so is through letters and numbers. These resemble a face that can be interpreted as sad or inciting sexual moods.

Although “7u7” is not used in professional conversations or communications, it is widely used in informal conversations to express sadness, and in picaresque and intimate conversations between young adults.


When searching the web for “7u7”, the results that are thrown normally have sexual connotations associated with “the delicious one”.

“7u7” is an emoticon that is the protagonist of many memes in a double sense that are shared on social networks.