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Definition of Finna

The term “finna” belongs to the slang of the southern United States and is a contraction of the language of the expression “Fixign to” which means “I am going to do something” or “to prepare to perform some action”.


  1. I am going to
  2. Planning to do
  3. We are going to


The slang of colloquial English is quite wide and in it we find an immense amount of informal contractions, since it is very common that two words or phrases can be used with the same meaning, even between them it is possible that there is a high level of informality.

Thus, in English “finna” is part of a popular slang used mostly in the South of the United States that reduces the expression “fixing to” or meaning “planning to do”.

It is also used ‘gonna’ to reduce “going to” or “vamos a” or “I’m going to”, but as is evident the verb “to be” is often omitted before using this contraction.

In order to be able to talk about the meaning of “finna” one must know the simple future with “be going to” because “finna” is an overly informal form of “going to”. In fact, this way of speaking is almost uneducated but very popular in English.

Now, these two terms do not mean the same thing, but in their usage they do. This means that you cannot confuse “finna” with “going to”, because in this case “fixing to” does not mean to repair, or something similar, but it is simply a very vulgarized form of “going to”.


A notorious fact in the use of “finna” is that this expression coming from African-American English is most commonly found in the southern part of the United States, which corresponds to Alabama, Mississippi, Texas and Florida, among others.

It is also used as a synonym for “intending to” to express an almost immediate future.