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Definition of Equisde

It is part of the different ways that exist to express laughter through social networks.

Equisde is the word that designates the emoji or the joined letters XD, which means to laugh a lot or laugh out loud.


By extension it is expressed to say that something is stupid or that it is not so funny, that is, as a wry laugh.


  1. XD
  2. Laughter
  3. Laugh
  4. LOL


Equisde is the word used to name the “XD” emoji. This famous word has become very recurrent when having a chat conversation on different digital platforms. Also, to denote that something is funny or not.

Emojis like equisde have been created to facilitate and speed up communication through chat platforms. All this is part of the revolution in communication and the immediacy that life demands today.


Di Equisde is the stage name of Diego Mendieta, a famous Peruvian youtuber who has more than two million subscribers and two hundred and fifty-six million views on his YouTube channel.

In social networks you can find many memes with the word equisde or with the emoji XD.