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Definition of DTB

In social networks and in Spanish it is used as an acronym for Dios te bendiga.

In the social network TikTok it can also mean “Don’t trust boys” or in Spanish “No confíes en los chicos” or “Don’t text back” for its Spanish translation “No me envíes texto de vuelta”.


God bless you

Don’t text back

Don’t trust boys

Don’t text me back

Don’t trust men


There is no doubt that the constant growth of the Internet has made that whole communities on the net can develop a unique language that can help in the communication they have between them.

Perhaps that is the main reason why we often come across some definitions that are born in some specific application and without a doubt, the source with the most recent definitions and jargon is none other than TikTok.

It is the preferred social network of the youngest and also the epicenter of various expressions, abbreviations and words, which only make sense within this platform.

If you are on TikTok, it is very possible that you have stumbled upon a video within your For You Page that has the acronym DTB in its description.

In several cases in TikTok, DTB can mean ‘Don’t Trust Boys’ or ‘Don’t Trust Bitches’, generally used when people refer to their rather negative experiences in love, or are sentimentally disappointed.

However, the context is fundamental because according to other definitions, DTB also means ‘Don’t text back’ or “don’t text me back” as a rude way of saying don’t answer the message back.

In Spanish DTB is often used in social networks like Facebook or Instagram to refer to the expression “Dios Te Bendiga” although it is not part of any trend on TikTok.


Videos that possess the hashtag #DTB have reached 969.7 million plays at least within TikTok. So if you come across a video of this kind you will immediately know what it refers to.