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Domingo 7

Definition of Domingo 7

The phrase “Domingo 7” is a popular and long-lived saying that nowadays has spread to Latin America more than anything else. It refers to a young, unattached woman who has become pregnant unintentionally or to a person who says or does something inappropriate for society.


  1. Reckless
  2. Mistake
  3. Mistake
  4. Pregnant
  5. In state
  6. Untimely pregnancy
  7. Inopportune

ORIGIN OF Domingo 7

The origin of the phrase “Domingo 7” has its origin in two popular stories.

In one of them, a group of goblins sang the song enumerating the days of the week: Monday one, Tuesday two, and so on until a woman hiding in the bushes could not resist any longer and exclaimed: Sunday 7, because of the intrusion, the goblins cast a spell on her, which left her pregnant.

The other version also follows the same song, but in this case it is about a group of peasants who were singing merrily, but a couple of friends get into the song exclaiming Sunday 7 and the peasants give them such a big beating that the rumor spread quickly in the localities and this pair of reckless ones were called “Domingo 7”.


In the Catholic Christian calendar, Domingo 7 (Sunday 7), besides being a popularized phrase, is a commemorative day where Saint Cajetan, Italian presbyter and founder of the Order of Theatine Clerics Regular, is celebrated in the month of August.

This saint was a person dedicated to study and to the church, he considered that they should fight against Luther’s thesis and serve the most needy, let’s say that these two actions were his well framed north of life.