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Definition of Disparate

Disparate comes from the verb disparatar; it refers to an action or saying that goes against logic, or to go asserting without reason, rule or judgment, wildly.


Without reason





ORIGIN OF Disparate

The word disparate is a verb from the Romance language, which in turn comes from the Latin “disparatus”, perfect participle of the verb disparare which means to separate, classify, divide or more precisely to throw things in different directions.

Thus the origin of this term that comes from Latin, and that has enriched our language with countless words, we can specifically define that disparate comes from “disparatus” whose meaning was to separate and throw in different directions.

This is also the origin of the term “disparar”, which applies precisely to the action of shooting arrows by drawing a bow.

So when someone says or does something that is considered a real nonsense, that is wrong, that is absurd or illogical then we usually say that he has said or done a nonsense.

For that reason and as a general rule, a nonsense is something that exceeds what we normally know as logical or meaningful. It is also for that reason that a nonsense is usually considered as something that is not right, that is not true.

So the main reaction we have to a nonsense is disbelief, or surprise, that is, we do not believe that it is possible.


Precisely this act of “shooting” or throwing without any sense or logic any kind of diverse statements was where the term “disparatar” came from and from there it became the famous “disparate” that also through time has become coined in the language as a synonym of the word “chiste” (joke).