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Definition of Desvictimizacion

The word desvictimizacion refers to the process a person goes through to overcome a previous state of victim with all its details. This term is based on the damage and the consequences that a victim of a crime produces in a certain person.

As such, desvictimizacion seeks through various means to collaborate with the rehabilitation of the individual in question.

This help can be, through psychological therapies, relocations of houses, protection of privacy, among others.

Given the importance acquired of collaborating with victims, efforts have been made to create awareness regarding their feelings and trauma .

For this reason, aid programs for victims of various crimes have been implemented in various nations.

These programs seek to provide victims with tools to achieve their reintroduction to society and normalization of their lives.

Psychologically, certain traits that contribute to desvictimizacion are identified, such as resilience, self-esteem, and self-control . And others.

As additional information, victims of violent crimes, such as rape, attempted murder or kidnapping are the most in need of desvictimizacion programs.