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Definition of PQP

PQP is widely used in the Brazilian Portuguese language as an abbreviation for the expression “Puta Que Pariu” . This phrase is considered a vulgar term that can mean something similar to:

“Prostitute who gave birth . ” To be used as an exclamation in the face of amazement or annoyance.

“The prostitute who gave birth to you.” In offensive terms.

Using the PQP expression

Ana: ” Oi Rebeca, Angel tied me not with my cell phone, I wanted to be in love with me . ” (Hi Rebeca, Ángel called me on the phone, he wants to be my boyfriend).

Rebeca: “PQP Ñao I credit!” (PQP I don’t think so!)

In offensive terms.

Ángel: “Hey David, eu ja ñao you will pay . ” (Hey David, I’m not going to pay you anymore)

David: “Eu vou te give uma surra PQP!” (I’m going to give you a PQP beating)

Quality Plan Project

PQP is also used by its acronym in English to identify the “Quality Plan of a Project” .

It is a document that describes the activities, phases, rules, responsibilities and tools to be used to guarantee an effective project.

The quality of the project should not only stand out in its final objective (the product), but in all phases and areas, from the beginning of the product or service development to the end.

The PQP is considered one of the bases in the management of quality projects, providing constant growth in the different companies and institutions.