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Definition of Danzau

Danzau, is a word that has been put in the sights of all after appearing in the Nibiru album of the Puerto Rican singer Ozuna, and has generated the curiosity of many about what Danzau really means. In we will tell you the meaning of Danzau in Spanish and what is its possible origin.

The origin of Danzau is mysterious, since it is a completely new and original word. But, it is possible that the definition of Danzau comes from the expression Dance U or “Dance of the Universe” in short form.

“Dance of the Universe” is interpreted as a possible reference to the space theme that predominates in the Nibiru album by singer Ozuna.

Danzau appears inside the song that bears his name as an expression that prompts the dance in the disco, this dance is a totally new one, as one of the verses indicates.

“Very crazy with me, a dance was invented”

It is likely that this new dance, created during the night party that narrates the song, is nothing less than “Danzau”, a dance of the night, influenced by psychedelia and the ecstasy of the disco where the events occur.

Another possible origin of Danzau, may be the Danzou Portuguese expression which is quite similar in its writing and means “Danzó” in the Spanish language.

  The Danzau Word also appears in the U-Dance form as the name of a Costa Rican theater dance group.

In conclusion, Danzau is just one of several songs featured on the Nibiru album, whose name also had an interesting and deep meaning.

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