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Definition of Curón

In northern Italy more than 50 years ago, an event occurred that is now greening. The film industry brings to your screen the reality of what happened and apparently continues to happen in Curón . Do not fear and get ready to discover everything about the mysterious case of this small town.

Curón in addition to being a small town located in the province of Bolzano, Italy. It is also the name of the new Netflix original series that will premiere next Wednesday, June 10, 2020. Want to know more? Wan Shi Tong’s library tells you.

What is the concept of Curón?

Based on real events, the Netflix series Curón tells the story of Anna, a woman who, after being away from her hometown for years, decides to return with her two teenage children.

However, Anna suddenly disappears and it is then that her children begin a hard battle against evil to find her, where fear will be the main protagonist.

If you were one of those who enjoyed series like Marianne and The Haunting of Hill House , you will love this story. Terror is the strong genre of Netflix, that is why the proposal created and shot in Italian generates expectations more than accepted by lovers of horror movies.

From real life to horror movies

The true town of Curón in Italy experienced a dark episode in the year 1950. Much of its town was submerged under about 120 million cubic meters of water, causing more than 200 hectares of land and hundreds of houses to disappear.

From then on, the only proof of the existence of the town of Curon , is the tower of its 14th century church that rises above the water level. Being in winter, when the water remains frozen, the moment when the nearby inhabitants visit this place.

Based on this real event, the new Netflix series Curón is created , which additionally relates mysterious and violent events that occurred in the church.

Characteristics of the Curón series

Curón has a rather dark aesthetic and is developed under the prominence of adolescents, similar to the proposal of the Dark series . The plot takes place on a stage with paranormal overtones and totally mysterious.

It is starred by a cast of actors with extensive experience within Italy and some with experience abroad. Perhaps Maximilian Dirr and Luca Lionello are the most international, the first was part of an episode of the famous “The Crown”, while Luca Lionelo acted as Judas in “The Passion of the Christ”.

This series is directed by Fabio Mollo and Lyda Patitucci.

Expectations for its release

Curón is presented with all the elements to become a new successful series from Netflix , this time with its original label.

We will have to wait until next Wednesday, June 10, to see if this production is up to expectations, and manages to conquer a type of viewer characterized by being highly demanding. Will he succeed? Hopefully it happens. Meanwhile, here you can see the trailer.