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Definition of Badabun


Word that simulates the sound of a bomb explosion.


Mexican entertainment channel that produces viral content digitally.


The official YouTube channel of Badabun was created in 2014 after several failed attempts of the founders in their projects. The first published video is titled “10 qualities that every man wants in a woman.” In this way, the channel began to dedicate itself to producing viral content in general, reaching one million subscribers in 2016.

Due to their success, they released Exposing Infidels, a format for which they are best known and which led them to grow exponentially. However, its content is not limited there. They have also produced formats such as Mansión del influencer, WTF Comedy, Intervistamos a and Qué pasa si. They are currently one of the Spanish-speaking channels with the most subscribers in the world with a high profitability capacity.


In 2019, the company was denounced by five former workers for sexual, labor and homophobic harassment by the director and founder César Morales. This ended in the latter’s dismissal.

The channel has links to great Spanish YouTube users such as WerevertumorroDebRyanShow and Juan De Dios Pantoja.

One of its biggest criticisms is that its content is not true, although it is apparent (although it is not 100% proven). In Exposing Infidels, it is presumed that the participants are hired to fake infidelities.