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Definition of Fauda

middle east

It is the transliteration into Spanish of the Arabic word فوضى which translates as “chaos” or “disorder”. In other words, it is the fact that something is not in order or is chaotic due to violence or another reason.

The way in which Israeli covert forces are commonly named by way of identification, since when they use this term they identify as Israeli Jews and not Arabs.


Fauda is the Castilianization or transliteration of an Arabic term, namely فوضى. This word is chaos or disorder, that is, the lack of order in something, situation or another. In this sense, it is a word widely used in various languages ​​with a similar meaning.

This term has been adopted by the Israeli military forces operating undercover. Normally, they use it at the time of discovery to identify themselves as Israeli and not Arab.


Fauda is the name given to an Israeli political thriller filmed in Arabic and Hebrew that premiered for the first time in Israel on February 15, 2015. Later, this series was distributed worldwide by the Netflix streaming network.

The Israeli series Fauda was well received by the public and critics, for this reason, it was awarded at the Ophir Awards and reviewed by the New York Times as one of the best foreign series of 2017.