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Cuerpito gentil

Definition of Cuerpito gentil

De cuerpito gentil is a term used to refer to a person who is usually very unclothed, with very little clothing. In the case of a woman, for example, showing part of her breasts.

It is also used to designate someone who does not bring anything to a meeting or event where everyone is supposed to share.

SYNONYMS FOR Cuerpito gentil


Scantily clad



ORIGIN OF Cuerpito gentil

This is one of the expressions that were used in Argentina at different times and that is part of the everyday slang of different generations. For this reason, it may need definition for some people, although it surely will not need it for others.

This idiom is an expression that designates when someone goes very unsheltered and can catch a cold, although it is also said of someone who attends a meeting, event, trip and does not bring anything while others bring bread or drinks.

But according to the RAE a o de cuerpito gentil or a cuerpo gentil means without wearing a warm garment.

This is an idiom, a particular way of speaking proper to a certain language, which usually deviates somewhat from the general rules of grammar. But in this case it is used in both senses, since the term has remained in use throughout time.

But this locution of colloquial use expresses that one dresses or should dress informally, although it is heard more for “with little clothes” and even for “naked”.

CURIOSITIES OF Cuerpito gentil

The poet Santiago Sastre published his book of poems entitled “A cuerpo gentil”. This title of the basic poem of the book went out to meet the readers, in a witty way without limits, with a lot of wit without missing his portion of vitality and optimism with his touch of humor, and honoring the name, uncovered and without clothes, naked with nothing to cover his thoughts.