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Cuarzo Morado

Definition of Cuarzo Morado

The purple quartz is a stone that has purple as its main color, it is usually valued for its great beauty and properties because it helps to control stress and sleep, thus helping many people to solve their problems.
Its color can vary from a light purple “lavender” to an intense purple that usually has shades of deep purple due to the amount of iron it may contain. This kind of mineral can change color if exposed to high temperatures.

It is often used to make jewelry because it is super pretty and eye-catching.

As mentioned above, it can be used to clear the mind, that is, to calm or control our stress, so it is widely used in treatments that seek to control the mood of people.

At the same time and for its characteristics to control the mood in different people, it is often used in work related to spirituality.

These crystals also have the quality of accumulating energy, so they are commonly used in various jewelry and amulets.

Well, the cost of a purple quartz will vary according to its constitution, if it is shiny, if its color is rare or common, as well as the cut it has, and it can be found from 10 US dollars.

SYNONYMS FOR Cuarzo Morado

It may seem strange, but it turns out that purple quartz has its own synonym, which is:

● Amethyst

But just like its other cousins, since it is a proper noun, the rest of the synonyms it may have are derived from similar words, such as:

● Purple stone

● Purple spark stone

● Purple rock

● Purple flint

● Among others

ORIGIN OF Cuarzo Morado

Purple quartz as such there is no clear etymology, rather it comes from the German QUARZ and in turn is from the Slavic tverdy meaning hard, but its synonym “amethyst” has its origin from the Greek amethystos meaning not drunk, because in ancient times this gemstone was considered a potent antidote against drunkenness.


In the Middle Ages Christianity adopted the amethyst as a symbol of renunciation of earthly goods and chastity, even today many cardinals and bishops wear it.