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Zafiro piedra

Definition of Zafiro piedra

Sapphire is a precious stone and is also a mineral composed of aluminum oxide, blue in color and extraordinarily hard, used to cut diamonds. It is a variety of corundum. The sapphire stone has a meaning of awakening consciousness and wisdom.

SYNONYMS FOR Zafiro piedra

  1. Crystallized corundum
  2. Precious stone
  3. Blue mineral

ORIGIN OF Zafiro piedra

It is necessary to clarify that there is a notable difference between origin and provenance. Origin means the country where the mine is located and provenance is where it is marketed and handled. So for example we can have a sapphire whose origin is a mine in Sri Lanka and its provenance is Thailand because this is where it has been cut and marketed.

Thailand is the main country where sapphires are cut and traded in the world, however, it has only a few small mines.

The world’s main deposits are in Madagascar where sapphires of exceptional quality have been found. Sapphire stone deposits are in Thailand, Australia, Cambodia, China and Vietnam.

Sri Lanka also remains one of the main producers, its quality being considered the highest for many years. So when we speak of a Ceylon sapphire (former name of Sri Lanka), we are talking about sapphires with a magnificent color.

CURIOSITIES OF Zafiro piedra

In the Bible it is mentioned on several occasions and in some of them it represents the glory of God.

One of the best known passages is when this stone was used in the breastplate of the Hebrew high priest, which along with other stones symbolized the holiness and judgment of God and this was very important for the offices of the same priest.

Sapphire is a very luxurious stone that is often used in engagement rings.