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Cuarzo Rosado

Definition of Cuarzo Rosado

Quartz is a mineral that presents hexagonal crystals, and usually has different colors, it is also composed of silicon oxide, the same is constituent of granite among many other rocks.

Rose quartz has two varieties that are not differentiated by their name but by their constitution or formation, and their field of application is also different.

One of the main differences between them is that one is usually a crystalline mass, that is to say, a rock of a predetermined size, while the other variant is composed of crystals of extremely small size.

Rose quartz can usually be found in South America, more specifically in the Amazon because this is an area that has countless mineral resources, one of the most sought after or desired is gold, as well as coltan. In Brazil there are important deposits of pink quartz, where they can be massively exploited.

The most important deposit of this mineral is located in the pegmatitic field of Borborema as well as in Táboa, located in the state of Rio Grande do Norte.

SYNONYMS FOR Cuarzo Rosado

Being a compound word that is also a proper name of a rare mineral, it is practically impossible to find synonyms of this, there are only similarities, such as:

● Rose flint

● Pink spark stone

● Pink flint

● Pink flint

● Pink rock

These are the only similar meanings for naming or referring to rose quartz.

ORIGIN OF Cuarzo Rosado

The term quartz refers to a hard mineral, and the same comes from the German QUARZ and in turn is from the Slavic tverdy meaning hard.


In 2013 a rose quartz was sold at auction, which reached a maximum price of almost $ 700,000 dollars.