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Definition of CTM

Ctm is an abbreviation of some words that have different meanings depending on the context of the conversation.

The most common is “Chuckling To Myself” which in Spanish is “Riéndose de mí mismo”, however, in a Latin American context it is mostly used in social networks and in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico or Venezuela. It means “concha tu madre” or “chinga tu madre”.


  1. Chuckling To Myself (Laughing To Myself)
  2. Confederation of Mexican Workers
  3. “Chinga tu madre”
  4. “Concha tu madre” or “Concha tu madre”


From what little is known, in Chile the abbreviation began to be used to express this offensive and rude comment to talk about “your mother’s vagina”.

There are several Latin American countries that have been using this same meaning for many years and that in recent times has become popular thanks to social networks and instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram and others.

In places like in Venezuela, even this meaning can be normalized, to the point that it can come to mean a few words of closeness or affection, but for the most part, it is offensive and refers to what we talked about above.


As a curious fact we can highlight that “ctm” is a very popular idiom used by young video game streamers or content creators on social networks like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and others.

It means something like “take good care of yourself” or “take care of yourself.” It’s a very different meaning than what has been talked about before.

On the other hand, Collaborative Treasury Management or CTM is a concept that allows the optimal management of the financial area in the new business model powered by the Internet the C-Commerce. As we can see, it is also a financial concept.