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Definition of Coño

The word has several meanings, it can be used in Chile to identify those who are originally from Spain in a derogatory way, but if it is used in Spain it refers to the genital part of the woman, the vulva itself.

In Spain it is also used to express contrariness, as well as to emphasize an expression, its meaning will depend on the context because it can be used in the form of contempt, or simply to contradict.

It usually expresses different moods, especially to express surprise or anger. In Venezuela it is a word of common use so that if it is used in a jocular way it is not taken as derogatory but on the contrary.

And depending on the area of Venezuela where it is being used it means individual or type, that is to say that it is used as a synonym of the word “person”.


  1. The synonyms of this word are not precisely going to mean the same thing since it depends on the connotation or context in which they are used, having then that some of its synonyms are the following:
  2. ● Vulva (Spain)
  3. ● Type or person (Venezuela)
  4. In many other cases it is impossible to place a direct synonym since it is used to emphasize joy, surprise, anger, among others.


It comes from the Latin cunnus, which translates as vulva that is why the word has always been obscene and vulgar.
This word has been used since its origins in a macho tone to refer to a woman, this use still survives and is even used in diminutive when it is said “see what a pussy” to refer to a young woman or girl.


In countries like the Dominican Republic and Venezuela it has other conjugations such as “coñazo” which is still a vulgarity, but means “hard hit”.