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Qué lo que

Definition of Qué lo que

This phrase was coined in the Dominican Republic where it was used as a colloquial greeting.
This same colloquial greeting may have been derived from others that were used in different parts of the world or at least resembles the American greeting “whats up”.

When said in the middle of a chat, it is usually placed as “qlq”, “klk”, and when analyzed its meaning is quite variable because it depends on the context and the mood with which it is used.

If it is said to you in a fraternal sense or by a close friend you are fond of, surely he/she wants to greet you, and at the same time he/she is asking you how are you?

Now if it is said to you by a person with whom you have a manifest grudge, that is to say, with whom you are fighting or you do not get along well, it is best to be careful because it may be that he is provoking you, or he is saying it in a defiant way, which is why the meaning depends on the context and mood in which it is used.

In general, it is used to greet in a positive or negative way, as well as to inquire about the state you are in.


In this case the synonyms of this acronym would come to be whole sentences since it is impossible to express what it means with just a couple of syllables.

● Hola ¿Cómo estás? (Spanish speaking)

● Whats Up? (North America)

Qué onda (Mexico)

● Qlq (Dominican Republic)

● Klk (Dominican Republic)

The phrases listed above are often synonyms for qlq or klk which come to be the acronyms for ¿Qué lo que?

ORIGIN OF Qué lo que

It comes from the Dominican Republic and is a colloquial, jocular greeting.


This phrase can be used to greet in a jocular and fraternal way as well as in an intimidating way and to provoke another person.