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Definition of Cohesión

The word cohesion refers to anything that can join or intertwine with each other. It refers to the property of molecular bodies to stick together, also to the action of people to stay together and in the case of written texts, it refers to the words that serve as a union to join one idea with another.


  1. Affinity
  2. Attraction
  3. Union
  4. Link
  5. Affinity
  6. Connection
  7. Intertwine
  8. Joining
  9. Permanence

ORIGIN OF Cohesión

The word cohesion has its origin in the Latin verb cohaerentia, which means is formed by two words, con/co that in its Latin meaning speaks of globally, jointly and the word haerere that in Latin means attached to, stuck to, next to.

If we speak of an Indo-European origin, the root word would be ghais which means to adhere, although the meaning of doubt is also added, which is completely different from the first one.

In turn, the term cohesion is also used in the social field, and by the XXI century, sociologists were discussing incorporating this term as part of what is described as social integration, social communion, among other terms.


Cohesion in writing is so necessary and important that without it there would be no concordance or sense of words. Based on this, writers have described elements and even types of cohesion used in texts, the types of cohesion are the following:

  • Referential cohesion
  • Cohesion by lexical substitution
  • Cohesion by ellipsis
    Each of these types of cohesion helps the writer to find links between sentences, words, in turn, connects the ideas in a correct way and ensures that the text has a logical sense.