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Definition of Sabanero

Sabanero is a word that refers to the savanna, hence its meaning is an inhabitant or animal that has grown up in the savanna, it also refers to the person who takes care of the savanna or gathers the cattle in it.

In turn, it also happens to be the name of a type of bird.


  1. ● Of the savanna
  2. ● Llanero
  3. ● From the plains
  4. ● Sabanera

ORIGIN OF Sabanero

The word sabanero in its etymology comes from sabana, a word that in turn comes from the Latin sabanum which refers to a piece of linen or cloth.

It is believed that this meaning was transformed to the extension of land to look like a piece of cloth stretched at its maximum expression.

Now, since we know the origin of the word savanna, sabanero comes from it and refers to everything that includes or is in the savanna.

In turn, it is also called “sabanero” to anyone who was not born in a city as such and who grew up in the countryside, even if he or she already lives in a city.


The word sabanero accompanies a traditional Christmas song in Venezuela and other Latin American countries.

The song is classified as a Christmas carol and is very popular at Christmas time, children usually sing it at school events and even do dances related to this beautiful song.

Mi burrito sabanero tells the story of a man who travels on his donkey to Bethlehem to see the little baby Jesus, on the way, he suggests that he goes with his cuatro and a specific melody and asks the donkey to hurry to get there in time to see Jesus.